Written, Produced, and Performed


Amoment  is a hip hop album that is a cohesive and conceptual body of work.  The eclectic 8-track album, which features a plethora of hidden songs is 'elliptical and lucid music for the soul.' It is infused with enough energy and heart to leave a lasting impression of what could take place in a single moment in time.”

E M O T I O N S. An Expression of How I Felt. Chill ambient Instrumental Music from and for the soul

 Queens & Bronx natives StephNsancE return with their anticipated brand new single “All I Know”. The duo capture the angst of the everyday struggle to a T and manage to still have fun and persevere over a classic piano-laden melody packing an 808 kick. As they continue on, look for a big year from the NY artists as they don’t plan on slowing down any time soon. Hit that play button below!

  Los Angeles-via-New York artist, Rodes Rollins' stunning first single "Young & Thriving", premiering exclusively via Billboard. Much like the ephemeral tremelo of her guitar, the track tells a tale of the fleeting nature of beauty and youth -- part spaghetti western, part psychedelic -- and recalls the likes of Nancy SinatraLana Del Rey, and Angel Olsen.  Played keys/Rhodes on the Alex Goose Produced record.  Mixed by Keith Armstrong.

"Brown Skin". featured as a Co-Producer. You’ll find this single on LaDonnis’ forthcoming album, A Sunny Place for Shady People, set to arrive at the top of 2017. The LP will also feature production from Two Fresh Beats, Mr.Carmack, Alex Goose, and Stefan Ponce.

"I'm Only Me" is a moody dreamy chillwave alternative R&B Soul interlude from Stephaun's album, Amoment.

"Sunlight" is a piano and guitar melody meant to evoke a feeling of euphoria.

"Closure" is a snippet of a Score from a short film of the same title.  It is an emotional piano and strings composition that subtly builds.

"Lenox Ave" (Remix) is a  gritty and gully collaborative effort by Stephaun Anu and long time partner; fellow Artist/Producer , Sance.  Together they are StephNsancE.  The song is from their forthcoming untitled project.


"Sustain Me" is a heart felt acoustic song from the instrumental debut, Emotional Dyslexia.  It is an album that infuses a multitude of genres spanning Hip Hop, Rock, Jazz, Electronica,etc.  They are soundscapes that tell a story.

"Pump Ya Fist" is a bluesy Hip Hop song from The Breakneck Quartet's 2nd EP, One City Down Pt. II
Better Than Yesterday - Stephaun Anu


Driving Through The Hood -  Mitu MiGolf

ALL I KNOW (lyric video) by StephNsancE



3 Wise Monkeys Animation




Comin' Up In The World

"Wish U Were Here" Project 13

Hallelujah by LaDonnis

Brown Skin by LaDonnis

Stephaun Anu & Alex Goose in The Studio

HollowRockGear  x StephNsancE Promo

Lenox Ave

         "Riding Round" 

"A Day in the Life" is a breezy feel good song of celebration.  It is the first single off of the album, Amoment.

"Dance For Life" is a Jazzy yet Deep House Song that evokes those beautiful nights getting lost in the music while tearing up the dance floor.