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Hailing from the Bronx, Gregory "Sance" Taylor was surrounded by the sounds of classic boom-bap. Establishing an early love for art, animation, and later music production.  It was during his time at the Savannah College of Art and Design that he crossed paths with Stephen NaShaun Pender AKA Stephaun Anu, a fellow eclectic renaissance man 

from Queens.


A mutual respect was developed for one another's dedication to their crafts so they joined forces. Together they bring forth over a decade of artistic and musical collaborations; having created a multitude of works in an array of genres to composing for animated short films and reputable international companies such as NETFLIX, The New York Times and Heineken.  In recent years, they've taken an interest in the world of Trailer Music.

Stay tuned!

The real is back! After working together for years, multi-talented artists/producers Stephaun Anu and Sance have combined their skills on a new joint venture forming the group known as StephNsancE. Making noise out the gate, the Queens and Bronx natives present us with their first release named after one of New York City’s most famous streets, Lenox Ave. With a gritty boom-bap feel in tow, the duo showcase their skills and lyrical ability while putting on for their hometown’s respectively.”

- Ivy Sanders, ALLHIPHOP

"Zana Messia and Andreas Angel join forces for the long run, emerging as Z.M.A with a slick, nostalgic and passionate RnB anthem that’s quick to impress. Setting the mood with ease and produced by NY’s StephNsancE, No Deal brings back classic piano-led vibes, alongside trap-style rhythms with dashes of both melodic soul and hip hop intertwined throughout. The Remix draws focus to precisely the right qualities of the track – the seductive descending melody of ‘bring me down, bring me down’,the passionate and faultless vocals, the smooth groove and the overall engaging structure of the song."
- Rebecca Cullen, Stereo Stickman

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